Nextail Labs S.L.U. 


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Nextail Labs S.L.U. 

Nextail is a fast-growing tech company on a mission to lead the agile retail revolution.

Nextail’s cloud-based platform combines artificial intelligence and prescriptive analytics to upgrade retailers’ inventory management processes and store operations. It provides retailers with data-driven decisions and the operational excellence of fast fashion, transforming how they buy new collections and distribute products.

Nextail’s clients are leading fashion and collection-based retailers including Pepe Jeans, Stefanel and Melon Fashion Group. Clients typically see value delivered within 30 days, from sales increasing between 5-10%, in-store stock coverage reduced by 30% and stockouts reduced by 60%.

Our team is now made up of over 70 people from over 10 countries, working with passion to transform retail. After only two years we made it onto the CB Insights list of startups transforming retail, and were awarded ‘Best Startup Team’ and ‘Best Lifestyle & Fashion Startup’ at South Summit 2017, the leading startup conference in Europe.

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